Tennis Camp

Either on the half-volley, with topspin, let’s go to the net!

Chalet les Raffles Switzerland à Siviez, 
1997 Nendaz – Valais

Ages 9 to 17

No minimal level required

Dates été 2021

du 04 au 10 juillet
Places libres 8
du 11 au 17 juillet
Places libres 8
du 18 au 24 juillet
Places libres 8
du 25 au 31 juillet
Places libres 8
du 01 au 07 août
Places libres 8
du 08 au 14 août
Places libres 8


1 week: CHF 780.-
2 weeks: CHF 1'560.-
3 weeks: CHF 2'340.-
Weekend: 100 CHF

Get involved!

As one of the most practised sports in the world, it’s no surprise that tennis is at CJSA! Become a master of the court in idyllic surroundings for unforgettable training sessions with our certified tennis teachers! 

At the heart of CJSA, we commit ourselves to making tennis accessible to all emphasizing above all the « Pleasure of Playing ». For an entire week receive personalized advice within the framework of collective teaching where the playful aspect is never forgotten. Your strokes, footwork, legwork, and tactics will all be improved under the competent eyes of our highly-trained staff.

Teaching is assured by Patrice Journé, Swiss A Tennis Trainer, former national coach. To your rackets!

Weekly Programme
of camp Tennis

Chaque activité se prépare avec un échauffement collectif.

Monday: Placement test to ascertain your group for the week. A reminder of basic techniques and footwork. Regularity rallies.

Tous les jours jusqu’au vendredi midi : Pour les débutants, exercices et jeux ludiques pour une meilleure progression.
Pour les avancés et les moyens, enseignement basé sur les matchs et la compétition. Travail des bases tactiques et de l’engagement physique avec un jeu de jambes dynamique.

Friday afternoon: For the advanced and intermediate players, end-of-course tournament of 2 set matches.
For beginners, technical challenges, for example; 20 fore/backhand rallies. Serve to the back of the court. Complete 10 consecutive volleys and 4 smashes, etc.

& Security

Teaching is assured by Patrice Journé, Swiss A Tennis Trainer, former national coach.

Teaching assistants are qualified tennis teachers or qualified supervisors.

You will benefit from a serious, committed, yet fun and individualised pedagogical method adapted to all levels.

• 4 players per court

• All pedagogical equipment as well as rackets, if necessary, are provided.


Note : If raining, activities are subject to change


Chalet les Raffles Switzerland à Siviez, 
1997 Nendaz – Valais

Comfortable and completely secure with showers, toilets and sinks. 

Interior animation areas, games rooms, projection rooms and theatre rooms. Generally, youths are divided into rooms of 8 according to their age and their camps.

If your child wishes to share their room with someone in particular (of the same sex), just let us know when registering.


After the daytime activities, participants are provided with a snack and a period of rest.

Activities are offered based on the weather: 

sports activities, board games and other evening activities.

Once per week, there’s a barbeque or raclette.

Friday: Disco in the Chalet with a different dress code every week.

Required level

No minimal level required.

Being able to swim is required.

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