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Arrivée : Le dimanche à partir de 17h00

Départ : Le samedi entre 09h00 et 11h00

Nos chalets:

  • Chalet la Cité-Joie, Chemin de Bernoud 4, 1997 Haute-Nendaz

  • Chalet les Raffles Switzerland,  Route de Siviez 37, 1997 Siviez, Suisse

          Pour arriver au chalet Les Raffles Switzerland de Siviez il faut passer impérativement par Haute-Nendaz.

  • Chalet le Déserteur,  Route de la Télécabine 45  1997 Haute-Nendaz

Under the guidance of a director, our team is made up of:

• Activity leaders with camp leading certification (BAFA and/or J+S) who guide the participants through the activity.
• Specialised supervisors qualified with state or national certified sporting qualifications (windsurfing, tennis, climbing, canyoning, mountain biking and orienteering, etc…)
• Our qualified language teachers who are in their final year of teacher training or Master’s degree.

For over 20 years, CJSA has maintained the highest standards of safety for your children. All facilities and equipment, especially aquatic, comply with safety regulations and are regularly tested by cantonal experts. Canyoning, orienteering and climbing activities are led by external experts.

Any medical issue is handled by the Accident and Emergency paediatrics department at the Hospital of Sion.

Nous prenons gratuitement en charge les transports depuis la gare de Sion jusqu’à nos chalets , (aller/retour). Ce service est uniquement proposé aux enfants et ados qui arrivent par le train.

Prévoir une arrivée aux environs de 15h30 le dimanche et un départ entre 10h et 11h le samedi matin.

Aucun transport ne sera pris en charge par nos soins si les enfants sont amenés en voiture jusqu’à la gare de Sion.

Nos transports en navette sont assurés par l’enteprise “L’Oiseau Bleu”.

Voir la page Transport pour plus d’informations.

Our cooks prepare healthy, copious meals adapted to sporting activities. Four meals a day are on offer: breakfast, lunch, snack and an evening meal. All allergies and intolerances should be communicated when booking your week at CJSA. In this case, all meals will be adapted to accommodate all.

Chalet la Cité-Joie, Chemin de Bernoud 4, 1997, Haute- Nendaz

Chalet le Déserteur,  Route de la Télécabine-45 – 1997 Haute – Nendaz, 

Chalet le Raffles Switzerland, 1997, Siviez- Nendaz

Comfortable and totally secure with showers, sinks and a toilet. Internal spaces such as playrooms, beamer room, and a theatre room are on offer.

At Raffles Switzerland: There are classrooms for individualised teaching (7 to 12 students per class).

In general, the participants are separated into rooms of 4 to 8 beds taking into account their age and friendships. If your child would like to spend the week with one of their friends of the same sex, please let us know when booking.

.  Haute-Nendaz :  Station Valaisanne à 1400 mètres d’altitude au coeur du domaine des 4 vallées.

.  Siviez :  Station Valaisanne, Super-Nendaz, à 1700 mètres d’altitude. A 7 km de Haute-Nendaz.

 .  Le Plan d’Eau du Rosel :  Situé à Martigny, ce plan d’eau, entièrement sécurisée, est idéal pour la pratique de la Planche à Voile, du Kayak et du Paddle. La base nautique est équipée de vestiaires, de douches et d’un abri pour les repas.

.  Les Marecottes :  Station Valaisanne à 1100 mètres d’altitude. De superbes parcours de  canyoning en eaux rafraîchissantes. 

Veuillez consulter le lien suivant : Permis à point (PDF)


Applicable pour tous les camps

General terms and conditions

The prices include accommodation, meals, all activities as well as all equipment.


The camp starts from 5pm on Sunday.

According to your booking, participants will be welcomed at one of two sites

Le Chalet Les Gentianes, Route de Bermouche, 43, 1997 Haute-Nendaz.

Le Chalet Le Raffles Switzerland à Siviez, Nendaz

Dinner will be served at 7.30 pm.

Students should be collected between 9am – 11am on Saturday morning.

All participants must be have medical and accident insurance.

For all foreign (non-Swiss) members, valid medical and accident insurance in Switzerland must be taken out.

250 CHF (for each week) must be paid when booking and the full payment should be paid a month before the beginning of the camp.

For late reservations (less than a month before the beginning of the camp), the total sum of the camp must be settled before the camp. We reserve the right to cancel any booking, if the payment deadlines are not respected.

Bank details

Banque Raiffeisen 

CH-1870 Monthey 2 (code de banque: 80611, CCP 19-242-6)

Titulaire: Camps Jeunesse Sport Aventure CJSA sàrl

1870 Monthey 

No de compte : CH34 8080 8009 7119 1797 9


Sur demande, nous pouvons vous envoyer une copie de bulletin de versement


After your online or postal reservation, confirmation will be sent to you including all details of the chosen camp, including a list of what to bring.

All cancellations must done through registered post with acknowledgement of receipt. 

There is a cancellation fee of 80 CHF. In the event of a late cancellation, CJSA reserves the right to ask for the following fees:

50% of the total price of the camp – Annulation un mois avant la date du début du camp
100% of the total price of the camp – Cancellation between the 20th to 11th day (included) before the start of the camp.

The dates are defined by the postal stamps.

If a cancellation is due to a medical issue, a medical certificate must be provided so that payments can be transferred to camp credit of the paid amount.

Once a camp is started, payment is due, except in the event of a medical issue during the week, which forces the participant to leave. “Camp credit” of the same value will be offered for the same or following season.

CJSA reserve the right to cancel any camp due to a lack of inscriptions.

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for:

• All damages, involuntary or voluntary, to equipment, buildings or otherwise.
• Travel costs for any excluded students (drugs, alcohol, theft, aggression or damaged material)
• Postal costs for any forgotten items or personal belongings.

During our different activities, photographs or recordings (audio and video) may be taken and used for advertising purposes.

Parents may not receive any compensation in any form for the distribution of these images and recordings.

Parents who do not want their child’s image to be used must make it known on arrival at the camp.

Any medical issue concerning the participant must be brought to our attention at the time of booking. 

En début de séjour chaque participant peut arriver aux Chalets CJSA par ses propres moyens ou utiliser les transports mis à sa disposition:

By train  Travel to Sion train station. By request, a free transportation service (minibus) is offered to CJSA (Haute-Nendaz or Siviez).

By car  Motorway junction – Exit Sion Ouest – Nendaz.

By plane  Les Chalets CJSA sont à 1h30 de l’aéroport de Genève. Sur demande, transfert (CHF 150.- par personne aller/retour  jusqu’à Haute-Nendaz ou Siviez. Le transport se fera en voiture ou en train accompagné d’un responsable.

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