The making of memories

A harmonious blend of a teacher’s mission with a passion for passing on knowledge and sporting values: Body, mind, theory, practice and new experiences and challenges are all in unison. What could be more current than rising to the challenge of offering an alternative to the digital age: discover an unforgettable summer! Commit to adventure, nature, real life and what’s genuine.


Once upon a time…

Two Valaisan villages write a beautiful summer tale between «friends»

Dès 1989, une première structure voyait le jour à CHAMPERY. Un modèle de séjours «Jeunesse Sport et aventure» qui prend alors le visage d’une révélation tant les retours des participants sont enthousiastes. Un concept, venait de naitre. Depuis, sous l’impulsion de Patrice JOURNE, il n’a eu de cesse de grandir et de se diversifier sans jamais renier son éthique fondatrice. Aujourd’hui ce sont 12 camps de thèmes différents qui accueillent vos enfants chaque été. Deux lieux exceptionnels sont proposés à SIVIEZ et à HAUTE-NENDAZ en Valais. Deux chalets conçus pour l’accueil des jeunes qui répondent aux normes de sécurité les plus strictes en matière d’hébergement d’un jeune public.

A man’s drive at the service of a curious youth

With Patrice Journé, a pedagogue of sport and knowledge, it’s always an interesting encounter: you can talk to him as an activity leader, teacher, trainer, coach, state technical director (tennis), golf, or theatre fan. A life inspired by sport in all its forms: initiation, teaching and competition. A career history as well as an entrepreneurial project or passion and management all combine to successfully overcome financial restraints, transcend sporting knowledge and promote the transmission of knowledge.

Sporting and pedagogical expertise opening hearts and shaping your talents

It all started on a tennis court in Paris in 1975 where Patrice Journé welcomed his first student and taught his first lesson as an activity leader. Several years later, he left for Wiesbaden in Germany to manage a tennis school. Then, it went very quickly indeed… As of 1983, Patrice Journé was nominated trainer for the national section of the Swiss Tennis Federation. Six years later, he coached ATP players. He managed, then directed an organisation designed for children and teenagers. CJSA was born. The foundations of the idea was laid; bring sport and adventure together in the heart of the Valais. It’s a matter of offering our youth unforgettable experiences and fabulous life lessons.

Our accommodation


Chalet Déserteur

Haute-Nendaz (VS)

80 beds
Completely in accordance with safety measures for accommodating youths
Dormitories of 6 to 8 beds
Filles et garçons séparés

Les Gentianes Chalet

Haute-Nendaz (VS)

130 beds
Completely in accordance with safety measures for accommodating youths
Dormitories of 6 to 8 beds
Filles et garçons séparés

Chalet Le Raffles Switzerland

Siviez, Nendaz (VS)

7kms from Haute-Nendaz
Chalet de 100 places
Completely in accordance with safety measures for accommodating youths
Dormitories of 4 to 8 beds
Same-sex floors (boys and girls)


Chalet la Rosa Blanche

Le Bleusy, Haute-Nendaz (VS)

Chalet de 28 places
Completely in accordance with safety measures for accommodating youths
Dormitories of 4 to 8 beds
Filles et garçons séparés

Professional and
motivated staff

Under the guidance of a director, our team is made up of:

• Activity leaders with camp leading certification (BAFA and/or J+S) who guide the participants through the activity.

• Specialised supervisors qualified with state or national certified sporting qualifications (windsurfing, tennis, climbing, canyoning, mountain biking and orienteering, etc…)

• Our qualified language teachers who are in their final year of teacher training or Master’s degree.

Safety – our priority!

For over 20 years, CJSA has maintained the highest standards of safety for your children. All facilities and equipment, especially aquatic, comply with safety regulations and are regularly tested by cantonal experts. Canyoning, orienteering and climbing activities are led by external experts.

Any medical issue is handled by the Accident and Emergency paediatrics department at the Hospital of Sion.

Are you ready
for an adventure?

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