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Chalet les Raffles Switzerland à Siviez, 
1997 Nendaz – Valais

Ages 9 to 12

No minimal level required

Places disponibles

Dates été 2021

du 04 au 10 juillet
places libres 12
du 11 au 17 juillet
places libres 12
du 18 au 24 juillet
places libres 12
du 25 au 31 juillet
places libres 12
du 01 au 07 août
places libres 12
du 08 au 14 août
places libres 12
du 15 au 21 août
places libres 12


1 week: CHF 780.-
2 weeks: CHF 1'560.-
3 weeks: CHF 2'340.-
Weekend: 100 CHF

Are you curious? Do you like sport? It's for you!

So, you think you’re a sportsperson? Are you an all-round athlete ready for new horizons? Improve on your current sporting level and discover new, atypical sports at CJSA in Haute Nendaz!                  

Tennis, Speedminton, Volleyball, Escalade, Kayak, Paddle, Planche à Voile, VTT Agility, Tir à l’Arc, Rando et Laser Game.

This fast-paced, high-intensity week won’t leave you any time to get bored! Just like all our camps, Multisports emphasizes safety, sharing and respecting the environment.

Weekly Programme
of camp Multisports

Each activity starts with a warm-up and a safety equipment check.

Monday morning: Archery on targets, balloons and apples on a completely secured range.
Monday afternoon: Beach volleyball on a regulation beach volleyball pitch.

Tuesday morning: Kayaking, paddle boarding and windsurfing on our lake.
Tuesday afternoon: Laser Game en pleine nature.   Sensations et rires assurées.

Wednesday morning: Agility mountain biking course on a specific route with balancing games! All routes are adapted to the level of the groups. A bike tour around the village.
Wednesday afternoon: Orienteering at Siviez or at Gentianes. Learn how to read a map to find and match images to the hidden areas!

Thursday morning: Climbing on a wall for all levels. According to the levels, several routes are on offer in complete safety. Rise to the challenge of climbing games, such as blind climbing, timed climbs, tied-feet climbs and whilst carrying a tennis ball etc.
Thursday afternoon: Speedminton which is played with several teams with a heavier shuttlecock which allows play even with wind.

Friday morning: Tennis – discover or improve your level with our qualified teachers.
Friday afternoon: Ultimate Frisbee, Softball (simplified baseball), Bump Ball (catch the ball 10 times consecutively with Velcro on your chest).

& Security

Your children will benefit from being supervised by full-time, certified staff. All motivated and qualified staff are solicitous about safety and the environment.

• All activities take place in groups of 12 to 14 maximum.

• There is one supervisor to every 6/7 participants with other qualified staff at hand.

• All equipment is modern and of high-quality.

• Water sports centre and all sports areas are secure and regulation size.

• All transport is insured by the company « L’Oiseau Bleu » in Sion, Valais, or by CJSA.



Note : If raining, activities are subject to change


Chalet les Raffles Switzerland à Siviez, 
1997 Nendaz – Valais

Comfortable and completely secure with showers, toilets and sinks. 

Interior animation areas, games rooms, projection rooms and theatre rooms. Generally, youths are divided into rooms of 8 according to their age and their camps.

If your child wishes to share their room with someone in particular (of the same sex), just let us know when registering.


After the daytime activities, participants are provided with a snack and a period of rest.

Activities are offered based on the weather: 

sports activities, board games and other evening activities.

Once per week, there’s a barbeque or raclette.

Friday: Disco in the Chalet with a different dress code every week.

Required level

No minimal level required.

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