Theatre and Languages

Come on, try and tell us stories!

Chalet Raffles Switzerland à Siviez en Valais

Ages 12 to 17

Classes are chosen according to level

Places disponibles

Dates été 2021

du 11 au 17 juillet
places libres 8
du 18 au 24 juillet
places libres 8
du 25 au 31 juillet
places libres 8
du 08 au 14 août
places libres 8


1 week: CHF 895.-
2 weeks: CHF 1'790.-
3 weeks: CHF 2'695.-
4 weeks: CHF 3'580.-
Weekend: 100 CHF

Are you ready for some "WOUAOUH!" from your friends?

Take advantage of 15 hours of language courses in the mornings in the language of your choice to improve with language learning games, grammar practice and high-paced speaking lessons. Our students always make a lot of progress whilst having fun with your certified CJSA teachers at Haute Nendaz in the Valais.

The improvisation (in the afternoon) allows you to focus on speech, body language and alertness.


Weekly Programme
Theatre and Languages

In the mornings, there are three hours of language (15 hours per week) focussing on oral expression. Written feedback is given to the parents at the end of the trip.

All afternoons are dedicated to improvisational theatre.

Improvisational theatre

L’improvisation étant la forme de spectacle qui ressemble de près à « la vraie vie », c’est un magnifique moyen d’y puiser un grand nombre de ressources pour développer ses compétences personnelles.
Confiance, écoute, valorisation, affirmation de soi, vivacité d’esprit, prise de parole, vivre et construire ensemble, etc…

Teachers &

Our qualified language teachers who are in their final year of teacher training or Master’s degree.

Upon arrival, a language test will determine classes according to level.

L'activité Impro

All activities take place in groups of 6 to 8 maximum.

Your children will benefit from being supervised by professional theatre staff.


Chalet les Raffles Switzerland à Siviez,
1997 Nendaz – Valais

Comfortable and completely secure with showers, toilets and sinks. 

Interior animation areas, games rooms, projection rooms and theatre rooms. Generally, youths are divided into rooms of 8 according to their age and their camps.

If your child wishes to share their room with someone in particular (of the same sex), just let us know when registering.


After the daytime activities, participants are provided with a snack and a period of rest.

Activities are offered based on the weather: 

sports activities, board games and other evening activities.

Once per week, there’s a barbeque or raclette.

Friday: Disco in the Chalet with a different dress code every week.

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